the angry lion

the angry lion


once upon a time there was an angry black lion. he lived in a cave on the hill. he had a long black mane and red eyes. the lion lived alone and he lived in pain. the pain was because of mixed up chemicals in his brain.


over the years the mixed up chemicals had caused the lion a lot of problems. they fizzed and popped and made him see things that were not there. they had lost him his family, who were frightened by the lion's anger. they had made him do strange things that frightened people. once he ran into a hairdresser's shop and licked the hairdresser's face.


every two weeks a medicine man came and put a needle into the lions leg. this gave the lion some other chemicals that were supposed to stop the fizzing in his brain. but the lion had his own idea about how to stop the fizzing. he drank a lot of magic ale, and smoked a lot of magic herbs. the ale and the herbs made him feel better. but they messed around even more with the chemicals in his brain. they made him see monsters and demons.


now and again a kind lady came to see the lion. she had long golden hair. she would sit and talk to the lion about how he was feeling. one day the kind lady came to see the lion when he was feeling very strange. the chemicals in his head were fizzing more than usual. the lion let the kind lady into his cave. he sat down and talked to her for a while.


but then he wouldn't let her out. he growled and roared and told her she was going to die and that he was going to do horrible things to her. the kind lady was terrified. she knew that the lion had very sharp teeth and very sharp claws. she also knew that he had a collection of very sharp knives. this was because, on good days, the lion liked to cook his meat and he used the knives to cut it up. he had shown them to the kind lady.


the kind lady shook and sweated. she tried to think of how to get out of the cave without being killed. she tried not to picture the horrible things the lion had told her he would do to her. she spoke to the lion as calmly as she could. but the lion took her to the part of the cave where he slept. he told her he was going to take her to his bed. this terrified the kind lady. eventually she managed to persuade the lion to come back to the other part of the cave. she told him she would have to go as she had to see someone else.


at first the lion refused to let her go. but eventually the kind lady's words calmed him down. she left the cave and drove off in her car, still shaking and quaking inside.


the lion lost his cave because of what he did. the wizard said he could not be allowed to live among the people when he was so dangerous. the lion knew all about the fizzing in his brain but he still drank the magic ale and smoked the magic herbs. he knew they made him more angry but he didn't care. the lion was taken away to the hospital on the hill to have the chemicals in his brain sorted out.


the kind lady remained terrified. she couldn't sleep, and she kept shaking. she had to move house and change her job. never again would she be able to visit people in their homes to talk about how they were feeling. she could not even walk up the street without shaking with fear.


there are lots of lions living all over the kingdom, with the chemicals in their brains fizzing away. and now there is one less kind lady to visit them and talk to them about how they are feeling.