the lost girl

angharad hughes

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the lost girl



the lost girl was the oldest of 4 children. when she was 7 the sheriff took away her dad. this was because he had been doing awful things to them. the lost girl had been injured by these things. her body was not big enough yet to be doing things that grown ups do. the doctors said that her injuries were some of the worst they had seen. her bladder was damaged so she weed herself sometimes.


the lost girl and the other children were taken away by some kind ladies and sent to a new family. the new family was kind and tried to help them settle in. the others settled in fine but the lost girl couldn't. she just couldn't trust anyone. the kind ladies took her to a different kind of doctor. the doctor said she had learning difficulties and possibly a personality disorder. learning difficulties means a person has difficulty learning. sometimes this is to do with how their brain is wired up. sometimes it is because their brain had blown fuses because of things that have happened. and as for a personality disorder, well that is when a person gets disordered. it is not difficult to see how the lost girl got this way.


the new family couldn't manage the lost girl so she was taken away by the kind ladies. they tried quite a few places for her but she couldn't settle anywhere. she hit people and shouted and screamed. so she kept being moved around.


eventually the lost girl grew up. because she was lost the kind ladies found her a flat. it was in a very rough place. the people who lived there were very scary. one lady and her brothers could see the girl was lost. this lady and her brothers were bad people. they started selling potions and powders from the lost girl's flat. in return for this they stopped the other bad people from hurting her.


the lost girl thought all the young people who were coming to her flat were her friends. she gave them drinks and sometimes potions and powders. one day she took three of them for an outing to a nightclub. these three were very young and also had learning difficulties. they were drunk and wild. when they didn't come home their families called the sheriff. the lost girl came back the next day with the young people. a mob was outside her flat wanting to kill her. the sheriff took the girl to a safe place but after a few days she came back to her flat. the bad people kept the angry people away and got on with selling potions and powders again.


the lost girl's flat was always full of noisy people. the neighbours couldn't sleep. the lady below the flat had a tiny baby who kept getting woken up. in the end the lost girl had to move out of her flat. because she was so lost she would not be thrown on the street. she would be given another place.


but this time it would be in a place where people would keep an eye on her. which is where she should have been in the first place.