the second boy

angharad hughes

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the second boy



the second boy's childhood was stolen when he was very young. a lot of bad things happened to him. by the time he was 13 he was not at all nice. he did a very bad thing to a younger boy. he stole his childhood. but it was no use to him. nothing could give him back his own childhood.


because of the thing he did his name and address had to be put in a special book for the rest of his life so that the police knew where he was.


when the boy was 15 he met a woman. she was quite a lot older than him. she had 3 children. the boy gave her a fourth child. he was 16 when his son was born. the boy got angry a lot. he hit the woman and the children. he did nasty stuff to the children too. the woman had a friend who also had some children. the boy did nasty stuff to them as well. the friend told the police and the boy was taken away and locked up.


while the boy was away the woman and her friend and all the children ran away. they went far, far away to another place where they hoped he would not find them. he had told them he would kill them because they had told the police about the nasty stuff. they found homes in the new place.


eventually the boy grew up. when he was 20 he was allowed to go back into the world. he went to the city where the women were living. in the middle of the night he broke into the house where the woman lived with her children and his son. he pulled her out of bed by her hair and threatened to kill her. the children were terrified. they knew this man could be very nasty indeed.


the man tried to find out where the woman's friend lived so he could go round and kill her. the children were screaming and crying. after a few hours the woman managed to call the sheriff. he took the man away and he was sent back to where he came from. the sheriff there had been looking for him because he had robbed someone.


the women and their children don't sleep so well now.